Friday, December 30, 2011

When a 4-year-old Rants About Gender, You Listen

First things first, listen up to Riley here.

Yes, she's clearly getting some encouragement from her dad, but this girl knows how to give a good talking-to to the status quo! If a 4-year-old knows that we're limiting children by consciously and unconsciously demanding that they fit into narrow gender roles (why do only girls get babies and strollers when males make 50% of all babies? why does it horrify us that a boy would want to try on a dress?) then how do we allow the pink-and-blue oppression to perpetuate? Who is it for? Riley is certainly not appreciative of these expectations.

This NYT article goes into more depth about the choices children have for toys, and which companies are looking to become more gender neutral and which are ratcheting up their efforts to polarize what girls can play with and what boys can play with. Also take a look at this fantastic Wisconsin teacher's approach to combating the gender policing that happens in elementary schools.

Little kids are so good at bowling you over with the truth.

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