Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queer and Undocumented

Self-portrait from Julio Salgado's "I am UndocuQueer" series
Just heard about artist Julio Salgado's "I am UndocuQueer" project, which delves in to the particular challenges of dealing with multiple persecuted identities.

This article has an interview with the artist and a slideshow of many of his graphic novel-style portraits. In it, Julio explains:
"A lot of people were saying, being gay and being undocumented are two different things. And I’ve been sort of explaining it and breaking it down. Being undocumented and being queer, I know what it’s like to be in the shadows, you know, wondering who you’re going to trust with the secret. ... [being undocumented,] it’s a second coming out."
A very powerful project. (And I loved the portraits too much to chose just one to post here!)


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